Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beekeeping boots even Diddy would love

I am in the midst of finalizing our bee gear for the upcoming season.  When I say gear, I mean clothing.  And, I know that it doesn't make sense to want to look decent (forget fashionable) while keeping bees, especially since I am fairly certain that running from an angry hive while screaming like a maniac and swatting at anything anywhere near me is an image that can't be beautified no matter what I am wearing.  That image is way too much comedy to be saved.  (Even though I swear I won't do that.  Really.  I won't do that.  I WILL NOT do that.  I really hope I don't do that...)  

Still, I find myself looking at the all-white bee suits and ridiculously asking myself, "Will that flatter at all?"  I know what you are thinking.  I KNOW.  It is as if the gravity of what I have signed up for hasn't quite sunk in just yet.  Maybe it hasn't.  I am too busy focusing on these:

Onguard White PVC Boots 16" Over-the-sock Plain Toe

I am just thinking white skinny jeans would be so cute tucked into these!  And skinny jeans under one of those white beekeeping jackets with a veil?  Maybe beekeeping gear can be practical with a nod toward fashion, after all?  (Think Hunter boots, skinny jeans and a denim coat -it's all very J.Crew.)  In my beekeeping case, I can go straight from the hive to P.Diddy's annual "White Party!"

If you have read all the way to here and you are still reading, well let me just say...
  1. You are a very tolerant person.
  2. You need to know that I know that I don't need these; that I understand that sneakers would do the job.  But, I happen to have a thing for gadgets and these qualify as gadgetry in my book.
  3. If you are, by any chance, a beekeeper and are rolling your eyes because of all the reasons why this entire post is ridiculous, well, I would like you to know that I realize this is silly, but some things should be fun.  What can I say?  I'm a fun-loving, nature gal.


  1. I wonder if Martha (or the Fabulous Beekman Boys) has ever considered wearing them to the White Party? They'd be fabulous!

  2. Beekman Boys... I have mad love for them. With a touch of envy. I love what they are doing!

  3. God I love those boots! And yes I'm a beekeeper, but I don't think your post is ridiculous at all!

  4. Oh, so glad I am not the only one! I love them, too. They have been great so far. And, now that I have them, I can say they are necessary. So easy to slip on and off. Great for quick trips to the bee yard. Love them.