Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great Friends, an Amazing Gift and Getting off the "Sugar"

I have the best friends a girl could ask for.  Really.  They embrace the special quirks about me that make me me.  And, they play along because they know how much it means to me, even if they are asking themselves, as my girlfriend, Lisa, often does, while shaking her head in disbelief, "You did what?  Seriously, how are we friends?"  (Sidebar- Lisa is probably not reading this blog because it's not her thing, but let me tell you, I love this woman.  And, you would, too, if you knew her.  You can't help yourself.)

Reagan, bright, beautiful Reagan, is another such friend.  I met her at my bootcamp.  She is an attorney, an animal rights activist and fellow blogger.  I read her blog when I want to be inspired and when I need a dose of sunshine.  That's what she is.  She's a warm ray that just makes you feel good.

Today, she gave me the most amazing gift.  In fact, it's a series of gifts that will come  about every week to two weeks.  It comes packaged like this:

Looks unassuming.  But, it's not.  Oh, the contents are highly prized in gardening circles.  It might as well be black gold.

It's poop.  Rather, manure.  From her bunnies.  Her healthy, well fed, indoor bunnies.  I intend to compost this.  Then, I'll add it to my beds once it has completely broken down into rich organic matter.  According to many, it's the best.  (Read here and here and here.  Or, Google it and read all day!)  Many say it is second only to manure from elephants.  That I do not have- yet.  I'm working on that. 

Really, though, I have thanked Reagan a bunch of times, but I am not completely sure she understands how much this means to me.  It's all part of my plan to get off the sugar.  See, I have this thing about gardening.  I love it.  It's my hobby.  And, it's made a lot easier by trotting off to a local boutique gardening store and buying their designer brand of soil and amendments- aka sugar.  You don't even have to think.  The stuff is so amazing.  Just buy and dump.  And, that's great.  For some.  But, that's not sustainable for my family.  This is not my career.  I don't make any money gardening that would justify such expenditures and I refuse to grow a $25 tomato.  We are trying to pay for life, save for college and prepare for retirement on one income.  I have to be self (and friend!) reliant.  And, I need the extra cash to support my experiment addiction!  So, I am working to get off the sugar.  And, this is one way.  The key to growing an incredible garden is the soil.  There's just no way around it.  Rabbit poop is one of the ways to good soil without spending a fortune.

So, Reagan, my husband (who would like to retire someday), my kids (who are looking forward to college) and I (as I embark upon yet another experiment) sincerely thank you from the bottom of our bucket!

Seriously, who else, but a great friend, would give you buckets of poop?!?

PS - In case you are like me and you want a kick-ass garden without the empty wallet, check out your local House Rabbit Society.  They might think you are crazy to call and ask for poop.  Then again, they might be in on this secret and think you are crazy brilliant!

Edited to Add:  WARNING!  DO NOT go to your local House Rabbit Society web page if you are a weakling for anything beyond cute and furry.  Oh em gee.  So cute.  Must not get bunnies.  Must not get bunnies.  Must not get bunnies...  (I would like to remain married and with three cats and a dog, I might be pushing my luck if I brought home a pair of bunnies!)...

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  1. You are too funny and sweet! So glad I can help!! It's unfortunate to think of all the poop I've unassumingly thrown away over the years...! :)

    Alas, it is a never-ending supply! Trust me!!