Friday, July 22, 2011

Unruly plants, I will cut you.

Like everyone, I happen to love a good laugh.  Oh, I really do.  One thing that is sure to bring on the laughs is Anjelah Johnson's Bon Qui Qui character.  You can and should witness the funny here.  I love the line, "Girl, I will cut him."  Followed by, "Oh, girl, yes I did, girl!"  

Sometimes, while in the garden, I am saying this out loud in my head as I am tackling suckers or diseased leaves.  I fancy myself the Bon Qui Qui of the garden.  In fact, I have elevated this to a verb.  "I need to go out there and Bon Qui Qui some stuff."  

Well, now, I am armed with a new tool and not only is it sharp (read- perfect for Bon Qui Qu'ing some stuff), it is mighty.  My friend, Keren King, turned me on to this beauty while planting at the new Strong4Life Teaching Garden at Scottish Rite.  Once I witnessed her ability to dig through heavy clay mixed with rock with this HAND tool while I had to keep borrowing big guns from the landscapers, I knew I had to have one.  (Sidebar:  If you have not been there to view this garden, you should.  It is gorgeous.  And, my friend, Regan Cox, the amazing, loaned her husband out to do the woodwork.  Again, gorgeous!)

Here it is in all its shiny glory:

One serrated blade.  One smooth, sharp blade.  Notch for ripping twine.  And, measuring increments.

See how it shines?  That would be the rust-resistant Swedish Stainless Steel.

Technically, the tool is an A.M. Leonard Soil Knife.  It should come as no surprise that I have named mine Boo and will, from here on out, refer to it accordingly.  In all honesty, Boo is not just sharp.  According to the label/website, it is the perfect gardening tool for a variety of tasks including:
  • Dig weeds out of your flower beds and lawn
  • Scrape out cracks in your drive, walk, patio, etc...
  • Loosen compacted soils
  • Chop the greens off of your root vegetables
  • Saw through roots, and divide perennials and grasses
  • Dig a shallow furrow for a row of seeds
  • Mix soil when adding amendments
  • Dig out stones, rocks and other debris
  • Measure for accurate planting depth
  • Cut twine and ties quickly and easily

All this in one tool!  And, after witnessing this beauty in action, I believe it.  Hey, it has 53 perfect 5 star ratings.  That is no easy feat!  And, we all know, its sharp!  And, IT'S ON SALE right now!  Listen, you don't like this?  "Do NOT get loud wit me! Oh NO!   Sacurity!  Saaaa-curity!"


  1. What CAN'T Boo do? Sounds like s/he will also make dinner and put the kids to bed!! Any luck with that? ;)

  2. Nice Shawn! Welcome to the club of whackin' it back in style. The amiga's I worked with for awhile would always say in their request to borrow this tool, "Carolina loca, neccisita err err err (with the rhythm and beat of the Psyco soundtrack). It's a classic for sure, a tool of versatile proportions, it puts the fun in functionality. Word to the wise, should you be presenting a gardening class at your local elementary school know this tool is not welcome on school property :)