Monday, June 6, 2011

Deal of the Day

You won't believe the bargain I found today!  I found myself at the Kmart on Buford Highway at Buford Highway and 285.  Actually, this Kmart is right up the street from Angler's Corner of red wiggler fame.  I was on the hunt for an Earthbox and an earlier Google search led me to believe that it might be possible to find one at Kmart.  No such luck.  Bummer.  But, in the meantime, what I did find was this:

Bucket Organizer
Now, I have been looking at these at the big box stores and they sell for somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.  That's actually a lower price.  You can get boutique ones for more.  It would be nice to have, especially for my beekeeping supplies, but I am a little on the frugal side and $15 felt like a lot when what I was using was technically working, sort-of.  And, they are usually made in dark colored fabrics.  Not ideal because the bees are attracted to dark colors.  I don't need them buzzing around equipment I am trying to get to.  Or, hanging out in a bucket I am about to plunge my hand into. 

Well, at Kmart, they were selling them for $9.99.  Oh yeah.   Under 10 bucks.  I can swing that.  And, they are my favorite color of blue.  I know.  Does this really matter?  No, not really.  But, it sealed the deal.  I'll take one of those, please!  I also grabbed a bucket for $3 and I was feeling pretty happy.  I starting making big plans to organize my beekeeping equipment after the kids went to bed.  I got to the register and as the lady was ringing it up, I noticed that it was on sale.  SUPER DUPER sale.  This baby was marked down to $2.50.  I practically leaned across and hugged the poor woman ringing me up, asked her to put that transaction on hold and made my way back to the gardening center to get another set so I could better organize my gardening bucket.  Now, I am the very proud owner of two organized buckets, one for gardening and one for beekeeping.  And, I got it all for under $12, the cost of ONE of the organizers at the other big box stores.  I just had to share this in case anyone else is in the market!

My beekeeping supplies all tidy and organized.  No more digging in a reusable, soft-sided grocery bag with a frame of bees in my hands.  Yay!  It even has pockets and elastic on the inside of the bucket.  And, a velcro closure pouch that I put the Epi-Pens in. 

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