Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy does it!

If you've been thinking that you might want to try a small vegetable garden in your yard, but have been overwhelmed with the idea of building a raised bed yourself, then this is a great time of the year to start looking at the local warehouse stores for simple kits that you can buy and put together without a carpentry degree. For instance, I happened to be at Costco this morning and they are selling a 4x4 raised garden bed with a weather shield for $99. That's it. It is made of plastic, looks decent and will give you an idea whether gardening is for you with a minimal investment. It might be worth checking out. Then, when the time comes, give me a call and I will share with you a great soil formula to fill the bed with that will give you a good start on growing healthy, hearty plants.


  1. Hi Shawn-I have another great source for a raised bed-type product. They are called Food Map Containers and they are FABULOUS! Made of recycled milk jugs, they are raised beds on wheels, basically. Great drainage, sleek design, and perfect for beginners, those with limited mobility, or anyone with a small amount of space/time to work with. I used both sizes this summer (herbs in one, peppers in the other) and they were fantastic. Pricier than the Costco deal you mentioned above, but definitely worth looking into at

  2. Allison, those are GORGEOUS. I do love them! And, they are great for anyone with back issues. They would go so nicely with the beehaus that I am coveting! Check it out: